Recently, I began to think about religion and what it means to me and how people perceive it.

 I was brought up in an Orthodox family and with my godmother I went to church. In my homeland, the church has a special meaning and influence. Each family has its own saint, icons and prayers.

In Orthodoxy, names have their patrons. My holy patron is Saint Nicholas. Saint Nicholas in Christianity is revered as a miracle-worker, is the patron of traveling, prisoners and orphans. Saint Nicholas is considered the most revered saint of Russia.


In May 2017 for the first time in a thousand years brought the relics of Saint Nicholas from the Italian town of Bari. For Russia this is a very important event. Many thousands of lines to the Cathedral of Christ the Savior during the entire period of the relics in Moscow.


I have not visited the church for many years. I decided to go to the relics on the Orthodox holiday of the Trinity. I stood for several hours in line and at the last moment I left and did not go to church. What stopped me? I do not know, a strange feeling, I'm Orthodox, but did not go to church, maybe my camera or a new worldview stopped me.


Recently, the church has undermined its authority with the younger generation. This is due to the openness and availability of information. In the network, you can see everything from the beginning of the photo and ending with the scans of letters and correspondence documents. Unfortunately the information that is downloaded on the Internet is not for the benefit of the church.


The great gap between poverty and the rich Orthodox. The higher church faces say and write what they should not do and live as they should not live. These facts make us think about the role of religion and church in modern Russia.