November 22, 2015 years in the territory of the Republic of Crimea was introduced emergency mode. Republic was on the verge a complete power outage. Disconnect power from the territory of Ukraine was due to the undermining of transmission towers. It was de-energized more than 300 social buildings.

     In 2015 ended the contract for the supply of electricity from Ukraine. Ukraine has put forward its own conditions for its further extension, "According to the contract territory of the republic will be including parts of Ukraine." Russia was invited to conduct a survey of the population's readiness to accept such conditions, which resulted in more than 90% refused to accept it.  Throughout the winter, the major cities of the Crimea received electric energy bridge on a string from the Krasnodar Territory and partially resumed supplies to Ukraine. However, due to lack of power on the peninsula introduced power cuts and water supply schedules. The generators supplying homes, shops and cafes were established as additional energy.

     The residents did not panic or rush, the problems were, but the people of their dignity through. Peninsula saves energy in every possible way, a large amount of information posters and appeals rational use of resources. One poster read: "You can turn off the lights in my apartment, in my house, and even in the whole town ... But you never turn off the light in my soul and my heart," signature "I krymchanin".


      Difficulties harden people and make it even stronger and more independent.