"New generation"



100 years have passed since the Great October Socialist Revolution, when the monarchy was overthrown and the Bolsheviks who proclaimed Soviet power came.


March 26, 2017 passed one of the most massive protests in recent years. The protest actions were against corruption in the Russian government and in particular by the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev. On March 2, 2017, oppositionist Alesey Navalny published on YouTube a video " He Is Not Dimon to You " with an investigation of Dmitry Medvedev's corruption schemes. The government ignored the action, there was no comment and there was no refutation of the accusation, which the people expected. Aleksei Navalny urged people on the streets to get answers. Protests were in the 82 largest cities in Russia, about 150 thousand participants. In Moscow, went to the street by various estimates from 7 to 30 thousand people, more than a thousand people were detained by the police. The media did not publish information about the protests during the week and now do not often talk about them.


The new generation is the young Russian opposition. Most of the protesters were teenagers and students, people of the new generation, people of the Internet, they are unhappy with the current life and situation in Russia. The new generation understands that the level of wages is lower than in less developed and less affluent countries. These protests are the first impetus to change in Russia. What will happen next?


The answers were not received, protest actions will continue...