Okoem - a space that you can look around. This word was used by poets and writers in old Russian.


   "The eye that inspects the horizon, a desire thrown beyond illusion, beyond that point where earth and sky meet. When we were young we swam bravely towards that line, trying to discover its mystery, sure to discover a treasure, maybe it was a call for life, for the adult life that would disappoint us. Or maybe it was the poets’ gaze, that Nakonechnyy searches through his photographic work.


        Landscape and poetry are the two great outsiders in contemporary life, strangers to this way of life subjugated to the law of profit, of construction, of challenge to creation, of plentiful manifestation.


     Landscape and poetry could be – definitely are – the great remedy to a life that risks being mere surviving. But we can no longer see them, reach them, enjoy them… even when they are by our side, in our life. It’s significant that photography is retracing the map to this treasure. It’s essential that the eyes of the youngsters are the first ones to see it, kids who are still swimming towards the horizon."


                                                                                                                  Sonia Borsato. Curator. Italy.