2017-2021, paper, NFT

In October 2017, Yevgeny Nakonechnyy makes abstract digital portraits of an artist Richard Prince. Yevgeny posts color portraits of Richard Prince on Instagram. On October 26, 2017, Richard Prince takes one of the portraits and, without specifying the author of the work, posts it on his own Instagram account with a text “It is me you looking for?” Yevgeny Nakonechnyy leaves a comment under Prince’s publication saying “Nice picture!” and posts a screenshot of the artwork borrowed by Richard on his page which addresses Richard Prince and says “@richardprince_official when you publish next time do not forget to indicate the author of the art work :)”. Richard Prince replies “When u art again with me, remember it’s my face not y urs 👅”.

In this project, Yevgeny Nakonechnyy distributes Richard Prince’s Instagram commentary through free NFT and free paper flyers. Yevgeny’s project is a reference to Richard Prince’s sequence “New Portraits” where he takes other people’s portraits from Instagram with his comments left and sells screenshots of those images for tens of thousands of dollars in the Gagosian gallery.

Chance to get a free NFT

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